how to stage a home on a budget

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How to Stage Your Home on a budget {podcast episode 27} May 8, 2015 By Angie Kauffman Disclosure: This Post May Contain Affiliate Links. {I may be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links.}

Stage your home on a budget. While staging can be expensive, the cost of staging a home in Des Moines, Iowa isn’t going to be the same as it is in Los Angeles, California. No matter where you’re from, staging doesn’t have to cost a ton of money. You can get a simple consultation for around $100 or less. This will get you a plan for you to do it yourself. Or you can hire a designer to do some or all of the work for you. Choose whatever staging services fit your needs and budget. However.

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So you’re selling your home, but don’t have the budget to spend money on staging your house. You may know all about your options for hiring professional stagers, or key strategies for throwing a great open house, but you really can’t spend a dime. Fortunately, staging a house on a budget is a totally viable option.

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Jan 2, 2019- How to Stage Your House on a Budget. Yes it’s possible! I staged our house for less than $70 using mostly stuff we already had and we sold it on DAY THREE of being listed with multiple full-price offers! It’s not as scary as you think to DIY your home sta

We can help stage your home on a budget Along with these home staging tips, TRELORA real estate serves the Colorado Front Range, Summit County and seattle metro area and our mission is simple: full service real estate for a fraction of the cost.

Staging a home on a budget doesn’t only apply to the interior of a home. Often a buyers first impression is made before they enter a home and is based on the homes curb appeal. A home that has overgrown bushes and weed filled flower beds typically leads to a bad first impression.