4 mortgage facts to know

13 Mortgage Facts That Might Surprise You — The Motley Fool – The Ascent is The Motley Fool’s new personal finance brand devoted to helping you live a richer life.. Here are 12 more mortgage facts that might surprise you.. You probably know you can.

10 Surprising Facts About Mortgages – Everything Finance – Here are 10 surprising facts you need to know about #mortgages if you plan on applying for one! Click To Tweet 5. They Don’t Care If You Paid Down Your Last Mortgage. Underwriters also don’t care if you paid down your last mortgage exponentially, and now you’re refinancing.

4 Little-Known Facts about FHA Mortgages – Financial Web – These programs open the door for many people that would not ordinarily qualify for a mortgage. While most people know the general idea behind an FHA mortgage, there are many things that most people do not understand. Here are some little know facts about fha mortgages. 1. Insured not Written

Mortgage lenders want to know how much debt you have compared to your income. It's called your. In fact, most first-time home buyers put down less than 10%.. And some Veterans Affairs (VA) mortgages allow for no down payment.

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5 Facts You Should Know About Mortgage | MyBankTracker – Mortgage facts are essential to understand when you apply for a home loan. Here are five mortgage facts you should know that will save money buying a home.

10 Common Mortgage Terms | ZipRealty Real Estate – The more you know about the home mortgage business, however, the smoother your transaction will be. To help you get a handle on financing terminology before you buy a home, we have defined 10 commonly used mortgage terms.

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4 Facts You Need to Know Before Setting Up a Mortgage. – 4 Facts You Need to Know Before Setting Up a Mortgage escrow account posted by: Babak Moghaddam Buying a home involves a variety of nuances and strange-sounding terms, and one of the least understood aspects of the home buying process is the escrow account.

refinance loan to value PDF High Loan-to-Value Refinance Option – Fannie Mae – High Loan-to-Value Refinance Option The high loan-to-value (LTV) refinance option provides refinance opportunities to borrowers with existing Fannie Mae mortgages who are making their mortgage payments on time but whose LTV ratio for a new mortgage exceeds the maximum allowed for standard limited cash-out refinance options in the Selling Guide.

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5 Mortgage Facts You (Really, Seriously) Need to Know – AOL – 5 Mortgage Facts You (Really, Seriously) Need to Know.. To help fill in the gaps in their knowledge, let’s look at five important facts you really need to know about your mortgage.